Fireplace Site Survey

Free Survey for stove or fireplace installations

Getting the right advice for the installation of your wood burning stove, multi-fuel stove, range cooker or fireplace is crucial. That is why we offer an initial site survey completely free of charge. Our expert team can guide you through the latest product developments to find the best way to heat your home.
In order to get the very best performance from a new fireplace or stove, there are a number of factors that should be considered from the outset. The area to be heated, the level of existing insulation, the flue and air intake requirements, the type of fuel it will burn and proximity to Smoke Control Areas are all important considerations.
Equally if you want to use your multi-fuel stove to heat your water or to run your radiators an initial survey will quickly establish what is possible and provide outline budget installation costs.

Weekends and evening surveys. No problem.

Call us on 01304 211523 and book your free no obligation consultation.

Stove installation service kent

Stove or Fireplace Installation Service

As a registered member of HETAS we are fully qualified to install solid fuel appliance. All of our gas appliances are installed by fully qualified Gas Safe engineers. We will do an initial site visit to go through the installation with you and this will be followed with a written quotation and payment details. We can co-ordinate every aspect of the process with our engineers, plumbers, builders, decorators and specialist chimney lining team.
With our HETAS accredited installation teams there's no need to apply for time consuming and costly Building Control. We will manage the installation of your stove, fireplace or fire, from beginning to end, saving you time and money.

We offer a 5 year workmanship guarantee on all installations.

Bespoke Design Service

Coeval Fires offer a custom-tailored design, procurement and installation service. If you can't find those certain fireplaces or wood burning stoves in we can design it.
We can recreate original period detailing for restoration projects or design a unique and distinctive, architectural centrepiece that makes the right design statement. We will guide you through every stage of the process from the initial design development to technical CAD drawings, detailed specifications, costs and installation programme.

chimney lining service

Chimney (Flue) Lining

By law, every working fireplace, whether using solid fuel or a class one gas fire is required to have a functioning flue in good condition. A sound working flue is essential so that noxious fumes can escape up the chimney and not find their way back into the building through gaps or leaks. Lining is the safest solution to ensure a fully functional flue.

We start by carrying out an on-site chimney inspection. This includes smoke testing, accessing the roof to check the condition of your chimney pot and, if relevant, your current chimney lining. If the flue is breached, i.e. there is a leak or a gap in the chimney which cannot be repaired, it is then necessary to line the flue. We inspect the chimney stack and take measurements of the fireplace opening with relation to the stove and the relevant building regulations for the installation of solid fuel appliances. One of our experts will then advise which Solid Fuel appliance is suitable and decide whether the existing brick chimney should be re-lined.

We will take a flexible, stainless steel tube and run it from the top of your chimney to the fireplace gather or directly to the solid fuel appliance. We only use triple lock stainless steel multi-fuel liners which are openly acknowledged as being the best system available today. Our 316 liners are offered with a 10 year warranty. Our 904 liners are offered with a 20 year warranty.

All work is in accordance with the current Building Regulations. The cost of this process depends on the length and diameter of liner and any scaffolding requirements.

The new chimney lining will remain invisible whilst offering the best protection possible for your chimney. Relining your chimney is simple, safe and will last a lot longer than ordinary bricks and mortar.

chimney sweeping service

Chimney Sweeping

We also offer a chimney sweeping service.

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No Nonsense Expert Advice

We provide clear, impartial advice on fireplaces and wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. Including advice on features and installation requirements, ensuring you benefit from the very latest advances in stove and fireplace design and technology.