The following formula will help you calculate the size stove needed to adequately heat your room. Please remember that the number of doors and windows etc. in a room will have a marginal effect, so always over rather than under estimate.

Our initial free survey will accurately identify the right sized stove for you, however, the following formula provides a rough guide to help you estimate the size stove needed to adequately heat your room to a comfortable room temperature.

For s comfortable room temperature of around 21°C when the outside temperature is 0°, you will need 1kW of heat for every 14 cubic metres of space in a typical 1930’s house with cavity wall insulation, double glazing and loft insulation.

First calculate the cubic area of the room you are looking to heat, (multiply the length, the width and the height of the room), and then then divide this figure by 14 as 1kW of heat is need per 14 cubic metres of space
(Length in metres x width in metres x height in metres) ÷ 14 = kW

If you do not have double glazed windows in the room then add 1kW for each window. If you have radiators in the room that you plan to keep running minus 1kW for each radiator.