Fireplace Sub-Contractors Services

Let our expertise ensure your clients happiness

Our experience guarantees a successful project.

Coeval Fires are able to act as a sub-contractor within your larger project and will work with your team, and other contractors, to make sure the legal and practical demands of a modern fireplace are understood by all parties.

We also ensure that our part of your project is completed in a timely and efficient manner and pride ourselves on open and pro-active communication with Building Contractors.

With our experience we can specify the ideal sizes and output of our fires, discuss the pros and cons of various fuel types and let you know the exact legal requirements for venting, flues and chimneys, etc. We can also help with restoration projects where it is vital that the original flavour of a building is maintained.

We know that fireplaces are a complex subject and having a specialist sub-contractor on hand will be of real benefit - saving you both time and money, and help you avoid any pitfalls.

If you need any type of interior or exterior fire for your building project please call us today on 01304 211523 to arrange a consultation or meeting.

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